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Hot wife and husband in bedroom [photos and video]

I'm an average built husband (average in all aspects of his life) somehow my hot wife is a gorgeous, dominant woman.My hot wife clearly holds the upper hand in this relationship because we both know that I will never be able to land another wife as perfect as her if we were to break up. you see my kind of husband all the time and wonder "why is she with me??" maybe it's my money. maybe it's something else. who knows why she is forced to remain content with a small sized cock. I would always think of her emotions when analyzing my size. So, I let her enjoy big tools and bulls. This episode of hot wife photos and video contains our session with a nice bull.He was big sized and perfect to share my wife.

Having to help her get ready and having to serve him with her juicy holes.It's really hot. She makes the bull undress her, like a strip tease for the bull. He lays back her between his legs while I kept watching and recording. While they kiss the each other and my wife has started to service the bull. I think that was really hot.



I also enjoyed the idea of the sub resisting at first when she first started to suck the muscular bull on my bed...but I suddenly changed my mind and thought he can't really go through with the whole thing....and then to get him in line the dominant wife told the bull to rough her up a little bit. and when the bull just started to approach us and maybe just given me a fake smile--like he was about to bang my hot wife.



It all worked for me, and I was able to see how the bull banged her more in the humiliation of the husband, maybe great than any other fuck of our life, "I've always wondered how it would feel to get a gang-bang for her? and maybe the wife threatens me she will whip me if the bull makes a cum deposit inside her, the bull said he would ram her holes but without depositing his juices inside.

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