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I shared My Hot Wife

Me and my wife were having regular sex, but we didn't let anybody to share my hot wife. I have a fantasy of wife sharing right from the day I got married. Though, I have never discussed it with her. We built a good relation of open discussions about extra-marital sex and so she got used to it. Then we wanted to give it a try. After the first experience of my wife fucked with my best friend, me and my wife were very friendly with each other and we always used to discuss if we can go for wife swapping to which she readily agreed. We are now planning to enjoy our first wife swap in near future.

Wife Sharing Story
Now I am going to narrate the other story that happened last week, when me and my wife went to our friend's house for dinner where my friend had been living past one year.I always had this fantasy that my friend bangs my wife in-front of me. I never miss to brush my elbows and hands on his thighs, buttock and his ass. He was healthy, good looking and a great man.





On that night my friend and I had some drinks while my beautiful wife was cooking some dinner for us.After dinner we were seating on the sofa, where she was wearing a hot and deep necked shirt and was showing her nice cleavage and waxed legs and at times.let me describe her,she is about 27 Y age, but she has nice firm breast. I had a big jerk in my pants after those drinks and I felt the same in my friend's pants.I did seat next to her and her hairs were waving in the air and nice fragrance was moving all around from her sexy body. Their we planned a quick bang session after watching those sexy clips. How things went on pictures can tell you. I loved sharing my wife.