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Watching Your Hotwife With Another Man

Is it normal for me to want to lick my wife while she is being banged by another man? Someone said; It is more normal than you know! Watching your hot-wife with another man is probably the best scene for husbands. Ever since I got married, I have dreamed of watching my wife with a big tool guy and I wanted to watch her riding on him. I actually wanted to feel how it goes..For us. There could be a million of thoughts in my wife's mind but I knew that she wanted it as well. So We let it go and now we are completely enjoying the wife sharing life style.

We met a guy by chance. My hot wife brought him home and later it happened in our bedroom. She turns and looks at me as she guides his cock inside her, in a moaning whimper she says “Thank you” as she lowers herself down on his cock. His dick is so much bigger and even without seeing it I can tell by the moans coming from my wife. But I can see, I see his cock stretching my wife as his cock slowly penetrates her. I see the chill bumps rise on her skin and I watch as her eyes roll back. She raises back up his shaft, then lowering back down taking him deeper each time. She gasps as she goes deeper, uttering “oh my god” as she tries to accommodate his size.
Thanks to this wife sharing blog. Sweets and I have been fantasizing about letting me in for sloppy seconds after she’s been thoroughly used by a big hung bull… I made a caption since I’m sure we’re not the only ones!