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Real Wife Sharing Story: How we swapped wives

This wife sharing story begins around about 4 years back. You'd love this wife story. My husband and I have always been comfortable around each other with being naked. After we got married, we began living a routine life. Both of us were busy with our careers.

Wife Sharing Hot Story
For the first year,we made love morning and evening. And who knows how many times on the weekends. But after a year, day to day life set in. During the middle of our second year, I got pregnant. Our love life slowed down quite a bit after that. We had a baby boy.This little bundle brought a great deal of joy to our lives. We were still very much in love. We continued to make love, however not nearly as frequently as in the beginning year.

A couple years passed, and I got pregnant again. Two days after our 4th anniversary, we had a baby girl. There we were this perfect couple living a perfect life in the suburbs. Life went on and before we knew it, our kids were in school. We got involved in school events. With our careers and with everything the kids got involved with we were very busy.

Through school we met some nice couples. We had so much in common with them. Our love making at times became a routine. Occasionally when we were making love, we would bring some of the couples into a fantasy as we were making love. Exploring other people intrigued us; however we never acted on it.The years past. Our son was in college and our daughter was finishing up her senior year in high school. My husband had an opportunity to relocate to a new town/state. My husband accepted the position.Finally we got a house there.

The Realtor did a very good job of pointing out the amenities. There were patio doors leading from the living room to the over sized deck. There were two bedrooms on the other side of the house. When we went to the back yard, the lady Realtor pointed out the view, even giggling that our here you wouldn't even need clothes as the wild life wouldn't care if you were naked.

That night as we got ready for bed, we thought talked about it some more. We both hit up on the idea of being able to be naked outdoors. We made love like bunnies that night before we fell asleep.We had time to sell our house and get everything ready. Our daughter was going to college a few hundred miles from both our new place and old place so that part didn't make any difference. Even as whirlwind as the summer was, we still would get excited and turned on about being naked at our new house.

The first night in the new house, we were so exhausted that we just crashed. It was still warm and after a shower we both stayed naked. We fell asleep in each other’s arms. I woke up the next morning after my husband had left for work. I didn't have anything on. I got up and walked out onto the deck. It just felt so wonderful being out in the morning sun with a soft breeze on my naked body. I thought that maybe I had died and gone to heaven.

I spent the whole day naked. It just felt so good and natural. I had never spent more than an hour or two naked before. That evening, I prepared supper and it was ready when my husband got home. He couldn't believe his eyes when he walked in the house and I had nothing on.

Come Friday, I needed to get some groceries. We had two days to ourselves. We laughed, at supper that we would could be naked for two solid days, and we were. Saturday and Sunday were spent naked working around the yard and things in the house. After each day we were exhausted and there wasn't much energy for love making. However we managed to enjoy each other’s company.

I was so enjoying my free time and being naked all the time. On Tuesday, I happen to look down the driveway and I see a car heading to our house.I grab a pair of sweats and get them on just as the doorbell rings.

It was the neighbor from down the way, about a mile away. She brought over some flowers and a welcome to the neighborhood card. I had coffee on and we chatted for over an hour. She seemed so nice. We chatted like we had known each other for years. She was a little older than me. There was a community event coming up on Sunday afternoon. She invited me and my husband to join them. She seemed like such a nice lady and I accepted.

Later I thought about it. I just gave up a Sunday afternoon that I can't be nude. Oh Well! On Sunday, they stopped by and picked us up. It was a local business appreciation thing with a picnic in the park. My husband and the fellow seemed to get along great as did I with the lady.Soon, we became good friends.My friend would sometimes just drop by as a spur of the moment thing. Sometimes we would just have coffee; sometimes we might go to town together.

One spring day, I was working in the garden, preparing to plant some vegetables. The day was warm and the sun felt so good, so I took my clothes off and enjoyed nature. I was busy in the garden and I didn't notice my friend drive up. I was so engrossed in what I was doing; I didn't hear the doorbell or anything. I was quite startled when I heard her call out my name.I didn't have a thing on and my clothes were back on the deck. There was no place to hide. There I was covered with dirt and in my birthday suit. I was rather embarrassed and apologized for being naked. I asked her to excuse me and that I would be right back to the house.

She said, not to worry, that it was no big deal. She was a woman and knew what women looked like. She continued chatting as if there wasn't anything special about my being naked. I walked back to the house and explained that I would be right out after I took a shower. After getting the dirt off of me, I slipped on a pair of sweats and went to the deck to continue our conversation. She asked why I had gotten dressed, that she had already seen me naked. We chatted for a bit and she said, you know you looked so comfortable naked, why you don’t just get naked now. Then she said that she had always wanted to get naked outside and never had the nerve. So we agreed to both get naked.

It seemed as natural as anything I have ever done. There we were two mature women both in our birthday suits chatting like we had always been chatting nude. Later that afternoon she said she had to go. She needed to get something for supper for her husband and she didn't want to be here when my husband got home. We had such a great afternoon that we said we should do it again.

That night I told my husband what had happened. I am not sure what it was, maybe the thought of two naked women, but he sure was horny and we made love like bunnies. He got something out of it and so did I.
A couple days later, I was once again working naked in the garden. This time as my friend drove up, she honked the horn. I had sweats nearby and slipped them on quickly just before I greeted her. She looked at me rather funny and commented how clean my sweats were for working in the garden. Without saying anything, I pulled the sweats over my head and dropped the bottoms to reveal I was dirty. Almost in a flash she was naked beside me and we worked in the garden together for the rest of the afternoon. She said she hadn't told her husband about coming over like this.

The very next day, I am lying out in a lounge chair. I wanted to blend the white crescents under my breasts and the white patch between my legs. I heard my friend drive up and when I noticed it was her, I went back to laying on the lounge. She knew by now where I would be. She was a little surprised to see me bald down there but she complimented me on how nice it looked. We laid in the sun for a while as we continued to chat. She left a little earlier than she normally did saying that she had to get home a little earlier today. She said she would be back tomorrow.

When my friend returned the next day, I was in the lounge chair again.she told me how her hubby hadn't made love to her with that enthusiasm in years. She was almost giddy explaining how they made love in nearly every position possible and then some.

My husband had put in some long hours working on a special project at work. He said that he would be taking off early on Friday to make up for some of the hours. My friend came over nearly every day. We got along so well, it wasn't a burden or an inconvenience. We just enjoyed each other’s company. On Thursday I explained to her that it wouldn't work for her to come over, explaining that my husband would be home. She was a little disappointed but agreed. Then she said, why not. We are such good friends. I thought about it for a moment, and said I would check with my hubby and call her.

My hubby didn't have any problem. There is a bit of voyeur in him and try as I might, I couldn't satisfy him as to how my friend looked nude. So it was set, she would be at our place when my hubby got home. We were both out on the deck naked when he got home. When he got home, I greeted him, gave him a kiss and hug and proceeded to introduce my friend who was standing there naked. My husband returned to the house, got himself a beer and joined us on the deck nude. It was so natural, like we had been doing this for years. No pretense, nothing awkward. We spent the next few hours chatting about nothing and everything, except that we were all naked.

On next Friday my friend and her husband invited us to go to town for supper. We had continued to get together with them since meeting them so it was no big deal. At supper the conversation drifted to nudism. Once the ice was broken we agreed to get together at our place for some nude times on Saturday.

We were going to have friends come over for a nude afternoon tomorrow. There was a special kind of love we shared that night. Saturday arrived. We were a little nervous and apprehensive about how this might go. We were dressed when they arrived. They were also. After the customary greeting, my friend just blurted out. Let's get naked. And we all just stood there and got naked. It was a bit awkward at first as all eyes were on him. It was obvious that he was checking out my naked body and my hubby's naked body. I have to admit that I did check out his package.We spent a nice time that day and later it became our habit.

My birthday is August 22. We planned to get together to celebrate my birthday. Not any different than any of the Saturday or Sunday that we had gotten together so many times during the summer. We had become good friends both spending nude times together and doing things in the textile world as well. Well anyway the Saturday afternoon was very enjoyable. With the celebration the ladies were enjoying some wine and the men were enjoying their beer. All were getting giddy and feeling no pain. We did the normal birthday cake thing and were feeding each other cake. My friend’s husband held a piece of cake for me to take a bite of. A piece of frosting dropped and fell onto my breast. So much laughter. I tried to pick it off only smearing it worse. My friend said about the only way to get it off would be to lick it off and she suggested that her husband to the honors.

Feeling no pain from the effects of the wine, I arched my back and pointed my breasts for him to lick. He wasted no time to do the honors. What happened next is a blur. But frosting ended up in all kinds of places. On cocks, pussies, breasts, asses, and about everywhere. And it got licked off all of these places. I remember watching my friend licking furiously on my husband’s rapidly hardening cock. I remember someone's tongue in my ass crack and on my pussy. I vaguely remember sucking on a cock and balls, but I don't remember who they belonged to. We were all feeling no pain. Thank goodness we weren't stupid and insisted that even though they had only a mile to drive home, we insisted they stay at our house. What all happened that night, none of us is sure. We doubt that anyone had intercourse as we were all pretty drunk.

I did wake up with my hubby in our bed. My friend and her husband were in one of the other bedrooms. We were all pretty slow in getting up and navigating on Sunday morning. Heck we were all still sticky with frosting. We each took our turn in the shower and didn't bother to get dressed afterwards. Sometime near noon we prepared some breakfast and shortly after they went home. Not much was said about what happened the night before.

We didn't see either of them for the next week. We were almost afraid to call them for fear that they were upset with us. Finally the next Saturday, I couldn't stand it anymore. I called my friend as asked if she was mad at me or us. Of course not she replied. We wondered if you were mad at us. We had a good laugh about it and agreed to get together on Sunday.

Sunday came and things were pretty cool between us. We just spent a few hours on the deck before they returned home. The next week we didn't see either of them, but made plans to get together on Saturday. Saturday turned out to be a so so day. A few thunder storms rolled thru and the temperature was cool. We sat in the house most of the afternoon. We had planned on grilling but changed our minds since it was too cool to be outside naked. I made sandwiches and we snacked. There was still some wine and beer left from my birthday party and we had some. Someone suggested we use the hot tub. So, there were 4 naked bodies headed to the hot tub. It is a little small for 4 but we made it work.

There was some footsy going on, and some hands roaming under the water. I felt a hand squeezing my upper thigh. I moved my hand and felt a hard cock. Soon there were hands everywhere. It was crowded and I decided to get out. Once out, I reached back in under the water and grabbed my friends husbands cock tugging on him to get him out of the hot tub. He took the hint and got out sporting a nice hard cock. I grabbed his cock and lead him into the house leaving my hubby and my friend in the hot tub. When we got into the house, we dried off and fell onto the couch. We did about everything but have intercourse. I sucked on him, he licked me, and he put his fingers inside me and found my G spot. Then I sucked him off.

My hubby and my friend came in from the hot tub shriveled like prunes and a very nice grin on each of their faces. Once again we insisted that they stay in the spare bedroom. When my hubby and I went to bed, I could smell and taste pussy on his lips and he said I had cum on my lips. We did discuss what we had just experienced. We assured each other that there was something very special with sharing with others yet we were 100% committed to each other.

We have been together with this couple so many times since then, they all run together. We still do things in the textile world together. Going out to supper, to plays, movies, football games, etc. We also get together at each other’s home. Generally something sexy happens with them, however not necessarily every time. There is really no set pattern. There are times when the four of us have shared our king sized bed. There are times when I go with her husband and my friend goes with mine to separate bedrooms. Sometimes we might not even have sex at all but just do some sexual playing. There have been times when one of the four of us has not been up to getting sexy and we have had threesomes. I remember a few times when I have experienced a dp with one in my pussy and the other in my ass. I have also been with my friend and either my hubby or hers and we have a FMF.

I am bi in that I will play with another woman as long as a man is involved. I have never had any sexual encounter where it is just my friend and I. Both of our husbands say the same thing.We are so very happy. Never in our wildest dreams did we ever guess that anything like this would ever happen to us. We often think back to that fateful day when our Realtor suggested a house in the country and we almost turned it down. We would never have experience the joys of being nudists and enjoying the outdoors the way we have.

We would never have met this couple that have become our soul partners.Our kids know of these real good friends however we have not told them how good friends they really are. We haven't told our kids that we like to be nude whenever we can. And our friends are the same. They have three kids and they are now grandparents so that takes some time from us. Occasionally we feel a bit a jealousy when they go to visit their kids and grand kids.