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When My Wife Wanted To Try Another Man

Me and my wife are very frank with each other. She is such a hot wife that she can do anything to explore kinky sex. A few days ago, while we were having a great sex, she given a strange idea. She wanted to try another man. I smiled and said; Really?You want that?She said ! Yes. For a few seconds my fucking speed increased and I hit her deep inside pussy. I exploded more cum that night. Wow. It was such a hot idea. Later, We often talked about it while having sex. Sooner, we were fully prepared to try another dick in my wife's juicy pussy. It only took us one day to choose the right man. He was her ex-boy friend. Let me clear one thing! I was not having any kind of jealousy because she left him to marry me. What happened next ? See my wife sharing photos below.







I am pleased to say that I love sharing my wife now. I would also love to try the wife swapping sex or any orgy comprising of real wives. If any couple interested please comment with your contact, skype or email. Thanks everyone.