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Wife Sharing: Why It Seems So Good For Husbands.

Hi readers - first of all this is a real expression and I am a genuine wife sharing husband. I am 33 years old. My wife is 30 and we have been married since 2008. She is super hot and fantastic woman. I love her very much and we have been lucky enough to enjoy a great marriage for these 6-7 years.
Why I started thinking about sharing my wife?
I cannot pinpoint exactly when and why I started thinking about sharing my wife, but it's fairly a good decision for me so far and I'm just not sure what others feel about it. Should I Leave it? Forget it? Deal with it? Bury it? No I'm not because she enjoys it now.

I have basically been having this fantasy for years where my wife is being used by someone else. The fantasy and the pleasure for me was, watching how much pleasure she gets. I have to say I'm pretty dull in the scenario - and basically haven't managed in imaginary world but do anything other than watch.

The thing was, I was genuinely interested in exploring the idea. It's not something as I say that I have considered, but in an earlier life I did experimented a bit and there with fantasies, we tried a threesome..For which, I almost forced my wife. Forcing not in the sense that she didn't want it but she wanted it on my request.

What I was interested in trying was whether a fairly conservative, attractive woman who is devoted to me is going to be into this. I knew she thinks I am quite conservative in the bed stakes, and I am sure talk like this would shock her. Nothing happened like..We managed to get a guy from a hotel whom we picked up and within 20-30 minutes of journey..he agreed to join us in bed.
What I Got As A Husband In This Wife Sharing Session.
For what it's worth, she has had more orgasms that night. Truly speaking, It was the best scene when I was licking her pussy in 69 while she was sucking my cock (being on top) and the guy entered her pussy. Remember, I held his cock..sucked it for a while (I am not gay), made him wet and placed it on my wife's juicy pussy.

For a few seconds, It seemed awkward.His cock was much bigger than mine.It was another great aspect of this lifestyle that it provides an opportunity to enjoy different sized cocks. Well, as he started fucking my wife, this session seemed more lively and more pleasing.

We tried different positions and he banged my wife quite deeply. She was moaning loud,making dirty comments and I was enjoying all this. We thanked him a lot and he left us with no strings attached. We felt a bit nervous, shy and embarrassed for the next 2-3 days but everything got settled after we made another fuck with another guy. Now we were very pleased by this lifestyle. She was more caring and more loving than the days before.

Still, she thinks, I had done it for her satisfaction but truly speaking, It's my satisfaction. I am more aroused when someone starts fucking my hot wife.